Houston Astros 2017 Championship Team artwork

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A note from the artist about the Houston Astros 2017 Championship Team artwork

How can this artwork be near completion so quickly after the Astro’s amazing 2017 season? Consider this: I'm a native Houstonian, my painting signature color is Colombia Blue, I'm the artist to the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, and I was excited about the Astros' World Series chances pre-season. Subsequently, I started this piece back in July. My goal was to depict players who made the season fun and exciting. "The difference makers”, if you will. I was just waiting until after the season to finalize the painting. That is here and the Houston Astros are now the WORLD CHAMPIONS! A wonderful boost for Houston when the city needs it most. HOUSTON STRONG!

Double matted paper prints and limited edition canvas giclees available soon. Pre-order now


Update 11/8/17: The painting is complete and prints and canvas giclees are in the printing process


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