Commissions and Personalized Artwork

Need something special, a piece personalized just for you? You can commission Robert to create a painting specifically for you or he can personalize his popular Austin Tex Mecca for you


Ever want an original painting featuring your favorite sports team, player, musician, child, pet, self? Robert can create one for you. Or consider one as a unique gift for that special person

Let's get imaginative and create something that everyone will talk about (hopefully, in a good way ; - ). The sky is the limit! - Robert

FAQ About Commissions:

  • What is the cost? The cost varies depending on the size and number of elements in the painting. Contact us with your idea and approximate size if known. Robert will then discuss it with you then give you a quote
  • How long does it take? Commissioned paintings usually take 1 to 3 months depending on the complexity and Robert's schedule at the time
  • How do we get started? Contact us. Once the contents of the painting and price is agreed upon by you and Robert. We will just need a 25% down payment

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Austin Tex Mecca Personalization

Austin is one of the hottest cities in the country. Why not make it cooler by having yourself, a loved one, and/or a memory added to the limited edition canvas giclee print we call Austin Tex Mecca

I've been adding personalizations to "Austin Tex Mecca" since introducing it and am pleased to say every request (ie. challenge) has been met. Now its time for you to make Austin your own - Robert

FAQ About Austin Tex Mecca Personalizations (or add-ons as we also call them):

  • Where can I see Austin Tex Mecca? See picture below or go to the artwork here
  • What do you mean by personalization or add-on? Robert will hand paint an additional image (or more) of your choosing to his limited edition giclee of Austin Tex Mecca
  • What can I have Robert add to Austin Tex Mecca? The possibilities are endless; you and/or your loved ones; or perhaps a building, sign or other object/landmark that makes Austin personal to you
  • Which sizes of Austin Tex Mecca giclee canvas can I have Robert add on to? Robert can personalize the medium, large or extra large canvas giclees of Austin Tex Mecca
  • What is the cost? Prices start at $250.00 for one add-on
  • How do we get started? Order the size giclee you want then contact us to let us know what you would like Robert to add (pictures can be sent via email to If you want more then one add-on we will also get back with you with a price quote. Or just contact us first

Austin Tex Mecca by Robert Hurst

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