Concordia University Texas Exhibit 2022: Sports Legends by Robert Hurst and Black History Month

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What an honor 🏆 Concordia University Texas Department of Art asked to display some of Robert's sports paintings for a semester long installation. The exhibit not only honors Robert, but IMPORTANTLY diverse athletes in a variety of sports with an emphasis on baseball. The initial run of the exhibit is in conjunction with black history month whereby Concordia is conducting a program on the "topic/theme of the MLB absorbing the Negro Baseball League statistics" and will have "artifacts/archival info" on display. Robert's exhibit will extend beyond this program into mid April.

You can visit the exhibit on the Concordia University Texas Campus Building B during the hours of 8am - 6 pm 7 days a week.

Concordia University Art Exhibits

Specials thanks to Jessica Pas and Christopher Fitzgerald at the Concordia University Texas Department of Art, and Kouri Winters for his loan of his Willie Wells painting by Robert. Plus big thanks to Kim Towne, Steve Towne, Cheri Snyder, and Ed Snyder for helping me put this exhibit together. Your assistance was invaluable 🤗

Pam Utsler


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